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Tourism, hospitality and leisure in Lavasa

LavasaA Hill City encapsulated inside the mystic mountain ranges provides a perfect setting for a getaway for many a travelers and tourists. The maddening pace of city life, the endless traffic jams, and the stifling work cubicle are all conveniently forgotten at Lavasa, where different kinds of leisure and recreation activities provide a refreshing escape from the metropolis. Lavasa offers exciting diversions such as golf, boating, outdoor sports. There will also be cinemas, theatres, academies, theme parks and wellness centers.

Adventure sports in Lavasa

RapplingAt 3000 ft above sea level, you cannot find a better playground. Cradled in the misty valley, the setting is apt for every conceivable sport - from yoga to boating. With a playground that starts right at your doorstep, there never is a dearth for adventure at Lavasa. A plethora of activities awaits the residents as well as the visitors at Lavasa. Nature trails are some of leisurely activities you get to explore apart from sports like trekking, rappelling for the untamed explorer in you. Z-Bac Adventure Institute A term sheet with Z-Bac Adventure Institute Private Ltd, has been signed for development of an Outdoor Adventure Institute at Lavasa

Water Sports in Lavasa

LavasaMake a splash with the numerous water sports opportunities available to you at Lavasa. Relax by the pool or dive right in. With a world-class water sports facility at your disposal, enjoy everything from jet skiing and boating to playing volleyball. A fully-equipped, state-of-the-art, water sports facility - Lakeshore is situated on the rolling banks of the Dasve lake, Lakeshore sets a new standard in water sporting in the country, and brings in a truly international-level experience. Lakeshore offers a cutting-edge jetty, Personal jet skis, Bumper boats, & Luxury cruise boats

Restaurants in Lavasa

LavasaAn adventure awaits your taste buds at Lavasa. Experience the food from around the world in exclusive restaurants on an evening out with your family. Relax and enjoy your coffee at the elegant outdoor cafes that look straight into the lakeside promenade. The Waterfront Shaw has one restaurant an American diner. The food is delicious, and worth many visits. The Specialty Restaurant at The Dasvino Town and Country Club offers an eclectic mix of Indo Chine decor and Asian cuisine. The interior design is modern with wooden floors, bold artwork and contemporary furnishings. The textures of cherry, iron, fine drapery, brick and brushed steel sheets are all architecturally assembled in perfect harmony

Health and wellness centers in Lavasa

LavasaThe pristine green valley overlooking the placid lake is a perfect setting to rejuvenate and refresh your mind, body and spirit. The world-class health spas at Lavasa, gives you plenty of excuses to energize your senses with an exotic ayurvedic massages. Various relaxing activities like morning yoga classes, therapeutic massage with exotic oils, aromatherapy, ayurvedic treatments will be offered by many health and wellness centers at Lavasa. Apollo hospital has a 200 acres health and wellness centre coming up with world class facilities.

Clubs in Lavasa

LavasaEnjoy membership to exclusive clubs with unmatched facilities in Lavasa. With a host of international amenities at your disposal, they are the perfect addition to complement your daily life at this Hill City. A town and country club as well as a Golf club complete the attractions.

Dasvino town and country club: Nestled on the banks of Warasgaon Lake in Dasve, this luxurious club has a stunning locale, which is ideal for year-round pampering of your spirits, while enjoying the natural wonders of Lavasa. The Dasvino Town and Country Club is endowed with natural beauty and world-class facilities like spas, restaurants, pubs and a gymnasium. The meticulously planned and elegantly managed Dasvino Town and Country Club is all set to take you to a world where luxury pampers you at every single step.

Events & Convention Centre in Lavasa

LavasaA welcome getaway for weekend tourists and corporate, the Hill City will provide well-equipped Convention & Event Centre. The Convention Centre, with its technologically advanced facilities, will play host to business meetings, exhibitions, conferences and various other events for the visitors at Lavasa.